Mostly young adults struggle with the abuse of medications. However, when they don’t receive help, they turn into older adults with a prescription drug addiction. No matter what age group you fall into, if you’re dealing with a substance abuse problem today, there’s hope. Treatment is your way out of this vicious cycle.

How Prescription Drug Addiction Problems Start

individual in need of the prescription drug addiction treatment program TX trustsYou have surgery or another condition that causes pain. Your doctor prescribes painkillers. You take them exactly as the instructions say. Before long, your body builds up a tolerance.

After discussing the situation with your doctor, you increase the dose. What you don’t realize is that the drugs are re-writing your brain chemistry. When you don’t take the substances, you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. You keep taking the drugs to keep them at bay.

At our prescription drug addiction treatment program TX residents trust, we also hear about other stories. Painkillers hook some people who’re experimenting with drugs that get them high. They like the initial sense of euphoria and subsequent zoning out. People who abuse benzos also appreciate the initial sensation of feeling good.

So-called study drugs increase alertness. They make you feel like you can meet your deadlines and maybe even lose some weight. However, dependency isn’t far behind. You thought that you’d only use for a little bit; before long, it becomes an ongoing problem.

The Deadly Reality of the Disease

Prescription drug addiction is a disease. Much like an alcohol use disorder or a heroin habit, these drugs can kill. Just because a doctor prescribed them doesn’t make them safe. At the prescription drug addiction treatment program TX talks about, therapists routinely meet clients who had this misconception.

Some think that they could handle the substances. An overdose became the wakeup call for getting help. Others were surprised that they would develop an addiction even if they followed the doctor’s instructions. They ended up taking drugs they don’t need any longer just to avoid withdrawal.

How to End the Abuse of Prescription Drugs with Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program TX Provides

Addiction’s a disease. Therapy is the treatment. The prescription drug addiction treatment program TX talks about uses a broad range of interventions to help you. Examples of addiction therapy services include:

  • Talk therapy that allows for cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior treatment approaches
  • Group therapy sessions that incorporate addiction education with peer support
  • Nutritional support that helps your body heal from a prescription drug addiction
  • Experiential treatments that encourage introspection and non-verbal expression
  • Relapse prevention planning that rounds out numerous addiction treatment programs

Yoga therapy is an essential aspect of treatment. It’s a holistic approach to healing that combines with our evidence-based modalities. Because substance abuse affects the body, mind, and spirit, participation facilitates healing on multiple levels. It also assists with overcoming stressors and triggers.

Which Treatment Delivery Method is Your Best Choice?

A typical residential stay at our facility lasts about a month. The average client with a moderate addiction can use this time to begin the healing process. Most people do better with a 90-day extended stay. It gives you the opportunity to deal with a broad range of triggers.

When you struggle with a less severe substance abuse problem, consider an intensive outpatient treatment program. An intake advisor can help you decide whether this is an excellent choice for you. That said, your initial detox would be a residential stay. It allows for careful monitoring to ensure a pain-free and safe experience.

Overcome your prescription drug addiction by letting the caring therapists at the Woodlands Recovery Centers help. The prescription drug addiction treatment program TX trusts is ready to serve you today. Call 855-752-3377 now.