Every year, millions of Americans take prescription medication for various reasons. When people use them properly, these drugs provide relief from pain. They can also help people with mental health disorders. What if someone doesn’t take their medication properly? Or, what if someone takes medicine that isn’t prescribed for them? This is prescription drug abuse, and the incidence of it is very high.

How Does Prescription Drug Abuse Start?

man holding pill bottle has prescription drug abuse problemIf you’ve ever had surgery or you suffer from a chronic pain condition, your doctor has probably prescribed pain medication for you. In many cases, these drugs are only for short-term use. Maybe you found the relief you needed and stopped taking the medication.

However, some people don’t get the pain relief they need and try to self-medicate. They take their medication more often than they should and/or in higher doses. Over time, they may become dependent on the medication’s effects, which can include mild euphoria.

If their doctor refuses to issue any more refills, they’ll start “doctor shopping,” where they search for physicians willing to prescribe more of the medication. This often leads to a path of drug dependency and eventual addiction.

One of the reasons the opioid crisis is so alarming is that many people take these drugs without a prescription at all. Instead, they abuse drugs like oxycodone or hydrocodone for the sole purpose of getting high. Again, this prescription drug abuse can easily lead to the need for opiate addiction treatment.

Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse

In general, people abuse some prescription drugs more than others. Opioids are one of the most common, but depressants and stimulants are also drugs that people commonly abuse.

Sometimes, people don’t recognize the danger in taking someone else’s prescription. If they’re feeling pain, they think it’s perfectly fine to take a family member’s pain pills. After all, if a doctor prescribed the drugs, they must be safe, right? Not necessarily.

Doctors try to make sure they prescribe medications that won’t interfere with what their patients are already taking. When individuals use someone else’s drugs, they haven’t been checked by a physician or cautioned against mixing substances. This can lead to dangerous health consequences.

Along with believing that prescribed pills are safe, some people routinely take other medication at the same time or drink alcohol when they shouldn’t. Combining different substances can result in serious problems, such as overdose or even death.

We’ll Help You Focus on Recovery

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