Being prescribed Percocet starts with some people on the road to addiction. You do not intend to use more Percocet than noted through your doctor’s approved dosing. But Percocet’s high provides intense relaxation, and the euphoric high many people cannot resist. Soon, you find yourself with full-blown addiction and needing Percocet addiction treatment.

About Percocet Addiction

woman in the Percocet addiction treatment program TX trustsPercocet is a painkiller your doctor prescribes after injury, surgery or other physical trauma. This powerful drug combines an opioid called oxycodone with acetaminophen, the active painkiller in Tylenol. The problem with prescribed Percocet is its highly addictive nature. People become quickly trapped by their use, then moving beyond prescriptions to buying Percocet or other opioids through drug dealers.

This downward spiral fully consumes your life. It is hard to believe that pills in such a small bottle can cause so much damage. The drugs that once provided about five hours of pain relief now control every minute of your life. When the drug addiction kicks in, many people switch from Percocet to OxyContin, a similar drug that provides its high for up to 12 hours.

Regardless of which prescribed or street-bought opioid you abuse, you need Percocet addiction treatment. This Percocet addiction treatment is the same as treatment for oxycodone, hydrocodone, heroin, methadone, morphine, and fentanyl. In other words, you find yourself right in the middle of the killer opioid epidemic.

Without Percocet addiction treatment, you risk potential opioid overdose every single time you take your Percocet. Whether you swallow pills, inject the drug or snort it after crushing them, every use is a gamble. The only way out is through a quality, accredited Percocet addiction treatment program TX trusts.

In your Percocet addiction treatment program TX trusts, you gain dual diagnosis treatment for your addiction and co-occurring conditions common to opioid users, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD. You start in detox under medical supervision and graduate to rehab treatment where your real, long-term recovery begins.

A Look at Percocet Addiction Rehab

The Percocet addiction treatment TX trusts will include dual diagnosis help, as said before. This treatment starts with a clear diagnosis of your conditions and individual treatment planning. You gain sobriety first in detox, gaining the medical supervision and medications you need to get through withdrawal comfortably.

If you experience co-occurring conditions of mental illness with your addiction, diagnosis opens doors to a better future. Your conditions of depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder or other mental illness helps you understand why you started abusing Percocet, in the first place. You also start learning the coping skills you need to prevent relapse of either condition, your addiction or mental illness.

The likelihood of co-occurring conditions is why the Percocet addiction treatment program TX trusts is one providing dual diagnosis care. Through help from your painkiller addiction treatment program, you resolve past problems and start building a brighter, healthier future.

Where Do I Find the Right Percocet Addiction Treatment Program TX Trusts?

The Percocet addiction treatment program TX trusts is in The Woodlands, Texas. This facility near Houston provides accredited substance abuse treatment based on your clear diagnosis and individual treatment plan.

The Percocet addiction treatment program TX trusts includes:

To start rebuilding your life after addiction, call Woodlands Recovery Centers in The Woodlands, TX now at 855-752-3377. The Percocet addiction treatment program TX trusts helps shape your future and improve your life in lasting recovery.