Opioids are drugs that include both prescriptions and illegal substances. This class of drugs comes from the poppy plant. Some opioids include heroin, hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, methadone and fentanyl. You need opioid addiction treatment for help ending your physical and mental dependence on these dangerous drugs. Through treatment, you can gain freedom from your addiction while rebuilding and reforming your life.

Signs You Need Opioid Addiction Treatment

blue pills on a table denote the need for opioid addiction treatmentSometimes others see an addiction to opioids before the person with the problem. In other circumstances, the person abusing opioids knows he or she needs opioid addiction treatment before those around the individual understands the problem.

Illegal opioid abuse is more visible than prescription painkiller abuse, in many cases. However, the signs for needing opioid addiction treatment are the same for both types of drugs. You just need to know what those signs are to understand them.

Below are signs you or someone you love abuse prescription painkillers or other opioids:

  • Using more of your prescription than the doctor directs
  • Crushing your pills to gain a faster high
  • Injection marks on your body
  • Slurred speech, slow movement and nodding off
  • Using pain medication long after pain should be gone

Getting Help through Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioid addiction treatment starts with detox. During withdrawal, your body cleans itself of the drug’s toxins. At the same time, your physical dependence on opioids ends. Then, rehab begins, so you can learn how to end your addiction to opioids once and for all.

Treatment for opioid addiction goes includes several important phases: detox, residential or intensive outpatient rehab and aftercare.

Detox Center Treatment

Before rehab begins, you should go through professional opioid detox. During detox, you experience withdrawal under the supervision and support of caring professionals, who make the process more comfortable. You also gain healthy nutrition to start rebuilding your body and mind after addiction. Woodlands Recovery Center can assist with and arrange detox admissions.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

If you qualify for intensive outpatient (IOP) rehab, you live outside of the rehab facility while undergoing treatment. IOP involves less structure and supervision than inpatient rehab. However, you still go through the same therapies and education for a strong recovery. For IOP treatment to work, you need a solid support system and the ability to stay away from your drugs, despite triggers and temptations of everyday life.


Aftercare is a broad term describing the support you gain after your rehab program ends. Through aftercare, you return to your home community and daily life after rehab without feeling isolated, alone or overwhelmed by your new life. Your aftercare plan includes connections for support, therapy and skills development. Many people gain connections for finding a new job through aftercare, as well as other helpful resources.

Opioid Addiction Recovery Near Houston, Texas

For opioid addiction recovery near Houston, Woodlands Recovery Centers provides quality treatment programs. These programs for adults include:

Located near The Woodlands, Texas, Woodlands Recovery Centers offers the focus and treatments you need for strong recovery. If you or someone you love suffer opioid addiction, call Woodlands Recovery Centers now at (855)752-3377 for more information about available addiction treatment programs.