When it comes to drug addiction treatment, people want rehab centers that they can count on. Woodlands Recovery Centers give men, women, and adolescents the help that they need. We offer a wide variety of treatment options from holistic to traditional treatment. Below is more information about our drug addiction treatment programs.

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What Makes Our Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Different?

All rehab centers offer some kind of drug addiction treatment program. However, not all of them make custom treatment plans. At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we customize treatment plans that address our client’s individual needs. No two people are the same, so their treatment plans need to reflect that.

When people first arrive at Woodlands Recovery Centers, we evaluate them to determine the best course of treatment. Afterward, we put the plan into motion. While each plan differs, the goal is always the same. We aim to help people recover from addiction quickly and safely.

Holistic Treatment Options

At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we believe that there’s more to drug rehab than traditional treatment. While traditional rehab always has its place, it’s also important to use holistic treatment options.

Holistic care refers to any kind of alternative medicine or healing process. We offer all of this and much more to our clients.

We use holistic treatment in combination with traditional methods. This combination gives people a unique treatment experience that not all rehab centers offer.


Traditional Treatment

In terms of drug rehab, traditional treatment typically involves the use of different talk therapy methods. Some of the therapies that we offer are individual, family and group therapy. We also offer trauma therapy to help clients address the root cause of their addiction.

Each of these therapies has its place in rehab. At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we adjust the amount of each type of therapy that our clients receive based on their individual needs. Some people need more individual therapy than others. On the other hand, group therapy isn’t effective for everyone.

Learning what helps our clients the most is extremely important. Incorporating the most effective therapy for each individual helps him or her recover fast. As they progress through treatment, the most effective type of therapy for them could change, which is completely natural. We adjust their treatment plans to reflect these changes.


Visit Woodlands Recovery Centers to Get Help for Your Addiction

At Woodlands Recovery Centers, our main goal is to help people like you get over their addiction. Our drug addiction treatment programs have your best interests in mind. We don’t just want you to complete rehab; we want you to avoid relapse, and we offer many tools and addiction therapy services to prepare you, including:

At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we place a big emphasis on trauma therapy for those with traumatic incidents in their past. Helping you get over the incident is the key to beating addiction.

Don’t attempt to fight your addiction alone.

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