young man in need of codeine addiction treatmentPrescription medication use has increased dramatically in recent years. Although many of these medications are useful for relieving pain, some also carry a high risk of abuse. Below, you can learn more about codeine and begin to identify the signs of a codeine addiction. You can then find the proper substance abuse treatment necessary to end this battle.

What is Codeine?

Understanding how a codeine addiction develops and why is an important step in helping a loved one get the help they need. Codeine is a powerful narcotic pain-relieving drug available by prescription only. Although codeine can be highly effective at reducing chronic pain, it can also lead to an addiction for some people. In these situations, professional codeine addiction treatment may be necessary.

Common Effects of Codeine Abuse

A codeine addiction can cause many different short and long-term side effects. For example, even proper use of the drug can lead to digestive issues, sleep problems, muscle weakness, and respiratory distress. As an addiction begins to form, these problems often become more severe. Gaining access to proper codeine addiction treatment is an essential step in recovering from these issues.

Signs of a Codeine Addiction

Noticing any of these signs of codeine addiction in a loved one is a sign that it’s time to get them help:

Seeking Out Several Doctors

The government tightly controls prescription painkillers. Those who take more than they’re supposed to may find that their prescription runs out before it’s time for a refill. To combat this issue, they may try to get prescriptions from many different doctors.

Physical and Emotional Changes

Addictive substances cause drastic changes within the body and brain. As a result, a person abusing such substances may begin showing both physical and psychological changes. These may include rapid weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, unstable moods, and extreme changes in personality.

Inability to Meet Obligations

People who are fighting an addiction often stop meeting their daily obligations and responsibilities. They may be late for work frequently or even lose their job. Otherwise, they may have trouble looking after their home and children.

Problems with Authority Figures

In some cases, the effects of addictive substances can cause people to act in ways they normally wouldn’t. They may begin engaging in dangerous or potentially illegal practices. These issues can cause many problems with authority figures in the community.

Treatment Options for a Codeine Addiction

Individuals can properly address a codeine addiction through the use of several different therapies. Your codeine addiction treatment plan will depend on your problem areas and goals for the future. Therapeutic options can include personal counseling, family and group therapy, behavioral modification techniques, therapeutic recreation, and community support groups.

Helping Your Loved One at Woodlands Recovery Centers

If you have a family member who is suffering from a prescription drug addiction, it’s only normal to feel confused and alone. Don’t let these troublesome feelings stop you from getting them the help they need. Have an open talk with your loved one about the next steps to take. By working together, you can determine the most important features to find in a rehabilitation center.

Finding the right substance abuse treatment doesn’t need to be an additional burden during a difficult time. Woodlands Recovery Centers is a skilled rehabilitation facility in the Houston, Texas area. By combining helpful holistic treatment options with a serene environment, the professionals here have the tools you need to address your most urgent addiction issues.

You don’t have to remain trapped in a devastating cycle of substance abuse and addiction. You can overcome these challenges with the support of a skilled rehab center. Call 855-752-3377 to learn more about Woodlands Recovery Centers and how to get started on the road to recovery today.