Being stuck in the cycle of alcohol dependence wreaks havoc in all areas of your life. You suffer damaged relationships, money problems, lost friendships, career failures, and so many more problems. Soon, you find yourself alone in a mess of what used to be a better life. Regaining control of your life starts with the alcohol treatment you need, in alcohol rehab.

Do not feel ashamed that you or someone you love suffers alcohol dependence. About seven percent of U.S. adults share your problem, according to SAMHSA. What makes you rise above your shared problem is getting the alcohol rehab treatment you need. Beating your alcohol addiction brings everything you hold dear closer to you, making your life manageable again.

Why You Need Alcohol Rehab

One woman comforts another woman during a group therapy session in alcohol rehabYou did not wake up one day and find yourself suddenly addicted to alcohol. You traveled a long road to get here. Issues of your past paved that road. You share these issues with many other people, but your road was still your very own.

Problems leading to alcohol addiction include:

  • Genetics
  • Family history
  • Environment
  • Mental illness
  • Past trauma

Researchers identified genetic markers that make people with those markers more likely to suffer alcohol addiction. The markers make you able to drink more, feeling less of a hangover. Although others applaud your ability to handle your alcohol, this only makes you enter alcohol dependence faster.

Being raised by parents who abuse alcohol caused problems for you, too. This makes you four times more likely to suffer alcohol dependence yourself. Drinking before your 15th birthday makes you five times more likely to become dependent on alcohol when compared to people who only drink after age 21.

Mental illness also makes your road to alcohol dependence easier. In fact, it paves the way for a smooth journey to addiction. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 37 percent of people with mental conditions like anxiety, trauma, or depression abuse alcohol. You start drinking as self-medication of your mental symptoms, but alcohol only makes them much worse in the long run.

Drinking to feel more social makes you more likely to enter alcohol dependence, too. Liquid courage only masks your social anxiety or shyness. Soon, you find yourself needing to drink to socialize, as well as at other times in your daily life.

About Alcohol Rehab

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that almost two million people needed substance abuse treatment in 2008. Just under half of these people needed alcohol rehab. Today’s numbers remain just as high, if not higher. You walk among those people, needing alcohol rehab for a chance at a better future.

In alcohol rehab you gain the life, coping, and relapse prevention skills you need for lasting recovery. Rehab helps you identify what led you into drinking, in the first place. For many people, this path starts with co-occurring conditions of mental illness. For others, trauma prompted the first drinks of alcohol abuse.

By discovering what made you start abusing alcohol, you know what you must do to prevent relapse in your future. This means you strengthen your recovery and know your triggers and temptations, as well as how to fight them off.

Houston Alcohol Treatment

Near Houston, Texas, Woodlands Recovery Centers provide the treatment you need for lasting recovery from alcohol addiction. This Texas rehab center treatment includes:

The peaceful, 20 acres of land around Woodlands Recovery Center provides the focus, serenity, and help you need to end your alcohol addiction once and for all. Call Woodlands Recovery Center at 855-752-3377 for more information about this help now. You deserve a better life, and it awaits you with Woodlands Recovery Center’s help.