Adderall is available “by prescription only.” But this does not stop people from abusing the sleep disorder or ADHD drug. In fact, you find Adderall widely available through street dealers. So why do people abuse it and do you need Adderall addiction treatment?

About Adderall

woman in the adderall addiction treatment program tx trustsAdderall consists of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. People with narcolepsy or ADHD use the drug under a doctor’s care. This stimulant medication causes increased energy and focus, as helpful to the people with prescription-qualifying conditions.

Some people abuse the medication because they maintain a false impression that it works well as a “study drug” or for staying awake and focused for long periods of time. People seeking to boost their careers, accomplish more goals each day or perform well on tests often use the drug, thinking it provides a magic boost.

If you do not suffer from ADHD or narcolepsy, Adderall does not actually help you. Sure, you experience heightened effects of the medication. But you perform at a lower level than people not using the drug. The National Institute for Drug Abuse reports that research shows people abusing Adderall or similar stimulants have lower GPAs than students not using stimulants.

Adderall is in the same class of drugs as cocaine and meth. Abuse of the drug has surged, particularly as doctors prescribed more of the pills from 2002 to 2006. Doctors wrote 3000 percent more prescriptions in those years than prior years. In 2010, 18 million people maintained Adderall prescriptions.

In relation to so many prescriptions, Adderall’s illegal sales skyrocketed, too. Young people prescribed this medication sometimes skip doses to sell their excess pills to peers on college campuses. People abuse Adderall in pill form, or by snorting or injecting the doses. However, you abuse Adderall, if you suffer addiction you need substance abuse treatment.

Do I Need the Adderall Addiction Treatment Program TX Trusts?

The only way out of addiction to Adderall is through withdrawal from an accredited Adderall addiction treatment program TX trusts. You know addiction exists when you suffer ill effects when not using the drug or between doses. With this physical dependence come a variety of symptoms proving you need Adderall addiction treatment, including:

  • Using the drug despite knowing it damages your life
  • Failing to maintain family, work, school and home responsibilities
  • Spending a great deal of time using the drug
  • Buying pills on the street or “doctor shopping”
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit
  • Making promises to quit but failing to do so
  • Having money or legal problems because of your Adderall abuse

Symptoms of withdrawal feel very unpleasant. In fact, you need medically supervised Adderall addiction treatment, to remain healthy in withdrawal. Being in a licensed and accredited Adderall addiction treatment program with detox keeps you safe, healthy, comfortable and away from relapse.

Withdrawal symptoms made easier in Adderall addiction treatment include cravings for the drug, suicidal thoughts, sleep problems, irritability, intense hunger, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, mood problems, fatigue, and phobias.

Finding an Adderall addiction treatment program TX trusts is not as hard as you think. You simply need to know what to look for, then take your first big step into recovery.

Finding the Right Adderall Rehab

The Adderall addiction treatment program TX trusts is at The Woodlands, TX. At Woodlands Recovery Centers in The Woodlands, TX, your Adderall addiction treatment program TX includes:

For your Adderall addiction treatment and healthy start to recovery, call Woodlands Recovery Centers now at 855-752-3377. At Woodlands Recovery Centers you can build a new, better life without addiction.