Because addiction treatment is so important, concerns over paying for rehab shouldn’t stand in anyone’s way. Fortunately, you have several options when it comes to covering the cost of rehab. When you choose a facility, the professionals there will guide you toward an appropriate program. They may also present options that can help you decide how you’ll pay for such vital treatment.

Addiction Treatment for Everyone Who Needs It

man talks to therapist about paying for rehabResidential, or inpatient, drug rehab is the most intensive level of care. For that reason, it’s usually the most expensive. While it may be necessary for some people with severe addictions, it’s not the only treatment that can help. Outpatient rehab is often more affordable if paying for rehab is a concern.

Because substance abuse is such a big problem across the country, more insurance companies are offering coverage for treatment. As professionals learn more about mental health disorders, the healthcare industry has expanded to provide options for people who need mental health treatment (common among those with substance abuse issues).

If you’re putting off treatment because you don’t know how you’ll pay for it, keep in mind that luxury, coastal facilities aren’t your only choices in rehab. There are many accessible treatment centers that offer affordable programs.

No one should be prevented from getting rehab due to the cost of treatment.

Options for Paying for Rehab

Making the decision to start rehab is one of the best choices you’ll ever make. If you have the financial means to pay out-of-pocket, you can certainly do so. However, other options for paying for rehab include:

  • Insurance coverage: Check with your rehab facility to see which insurance carriers they accept.
  • Credit cards, including healthcare cards: Whether insurance covers just some of your rehab costs or none, you might finance treatment with credit cards. Some healthcare cards are ideal for this.
  • Loans: If you can secure a low-interest loan from a bank or credit union, this is another solution for paying for rehab.
    Borrowing from friends and family: This will require you to put your pride aside. You might wonder who will want to lend you money, knowing you have a problem with drug and alcohol abuse. You can always ask family and friends to pay the treatment center directly so that they know their money is going toward your treatment.
  • Payment plans: Some rehab facilities offer payment plans, so be sure and ask before entering rehab if you need financing.
    Personal savings: You might not want to dip into your savings, but paying for rehab is a wonderful investment in your future.

You may need to use more than one form of payment. What matters most is getting yourself into treatment. The cost you pay will be well worth it.

Recovery Is Within Your Reach

Woodlands Recovery Centers is a rehab facility in Woodlands, TX just a short distance away from Houston. We’re located in a wooded, peaceful stretch of land that’s ideal for recovery. Our clients’ safety and health are top priorities for us, so we cater treatment to meet individual needs.

The services we offer include:

Worries about overpaying for rehab should never keep you from getting the addiction treatment you need. Call us at 855-752-3377 for more information on the services we provide. We’ll help you beat drug and alcohol addiction and get back to a healthy, happy state.