Once you realize you need help for drug and alcohol dependency, what comes next? Like many people who struggle with addiction, you probably have a lot of questions about the best way to get clean. Do you have to live in a rehab facility, away from your kids? Will you be able to continue working? The best treatment is the one that meets your particular needs. Womens rehab addresses the unique problems that women with substance abuse issues often face.

Gender-Specific Rehab Programs

smiling woman benefits from womens rehab facilityWomens rehab can take several forms. Some treatment facilities are for women only, with no men present at all. Many others are co-ed but often have separate housing spaces for men and women. Still, others may simply run gender-specific therapy sessions alongside group meetings that include men and women.

Choosing the right rehab center isn’t simply a matter of picking the first place that pops up in your search results. Instead, you should consider the location, programs, and any unique amenities.

Why Womens Rehab Is So Beneficial

Whether you select a women-only treatment center or your chosen facility just has separate housing spaces for men and women, womens rehab has several advantages for you. These benefits include:

  • A comfortable, safe space to discuss difficult issues, including sexual assault and body image issues, which women may not want to talk about with men
  • No distractions in the form of male clients, giving you the chance to fully focus on recovery
  • A supportive atmosphere from people in your peer group, which helps you forge connections
  • A nurturing environment, where you feel valued and not judged

All too often, women who have suffered abuse turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with the negative emotions surrounding the trauma. Many women don’t tell anyone about a man assaulting them; instead, they try to forget what happened to them and bury painful memories. They may believe that’s easier than facing the hard truth.

Women also have codependency issues that men often don’t. Women are often the support system for everyone in their lives. What happens when they don’t feel supported in return?

Making Connections With Other Women

In a womens rehab setting, you’re in a unique position to get the support you may have been lacking for much of your life. You’re also able to be that support for other women.

Sometimes, women spend so much time being competitive with their peers or not having strong connections. These feelings may have contributed to your drug and alcohol abuse. Once you feel a welcome part of a group, you’ll have the emotional and spiritual strength that can help you maintain your sobriety.

Begin Again

The Woodlands Recovery Center offers high-quality mens and womens rehab programs to help clients overcome addiction. In our peaceful setting near The Woodlands, Texas, you can begin a new life, free from drugs and alcohol. You’ll enjoy the wooded, serene surroundings as you heal your body and mind.

Our compassionate staff operates with a client-first mentality. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel she’s important and that she deserves to get better.

The addiction treatment programs we offer include:

Are you ready to experience a new beginning? Woodlands Recovery Center can help. Contact us today at (855)752-3377 for more information. A clean and sober future is waiting for you.