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When individuals seek addiction help, they often have to choose between outpatient and residential treatment. At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we offer both. However, we find that people get the most out of their rehab experience when they work through both of these programs. Below is a little more information about our residential program.

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What Is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is a rehab program in which people live at the rehab center 24/7. It differs greatly from outpatient care, in which they return home at the end of the day. In either case, they have access to the same services. For example, both residential and outpatient clients participate in our family, individual and group therapy sessions.

Why Should People Start With Residential Care?

When people first enter rehab at Woodlands Recovery Centers, they often prefer to start with outpatient rehab. These programs look good because they’re cheaper than residential care. In addition, most people like the idea of living at home during treatment.

However, the biggest drawback to outpatient treatment is that it gives people too much freedom. When individuals first enter recovery, it’s easy to relapse. If they have too much freedom, they might relapse and have to start treatment all over again—not to mention they run a much bigger risk of overdose.

With residential programs, individuals live in a drug-free environment. At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we remove the temptation to use drugs altogether. We help our clients stay on the path to sobriety. Once they complete residential rehab, graduating to outpatient treatment is a great option.


Benefits of Residential Care

There are many great benefits of choosing a residential program. The first and most important is that it removes people from negative influences. Most of the negative aspects in people’s lives come from friends and family. When they live around these influences, it’s hard for them to change.

Residential rehab also gives people access to professional help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With outpatient programs, they only have access to help when they’re at the facility. During the early stages of rehab, it’s important to be able to get help quickly.

Living at Woodlands Recovery Centers also helps our clients build a strong support system. Addiction isn’t something that just goes away. People have to continue fighting it their whole lives. Having a reliable support system can make this fight less daunting.

Residential care gives people access to daily counseling too. In most cases, outpatient programs don’t require therapy every day. Instead, clients meet with their therapists a few times a week depending on their specific needs.


Get Residential Rehab at Woodlands Recovery Centers

Woodlands Recovery Centers offer residential treatment with a customized treatment plan for every client. We make sure that the services that we provide truly fit their needs. During residential care, they have access to all of our services, including:


With more than 20 acres of land at Woodlands Recovery Centers, our clients have room to spread out. This open space keeps stress levels down and gives them a chance to reflect on their life choices.

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