When it comes to picking a rehab program, people have many options. While inpatient rehab is always a good starting point, there are many more options out there. Outpatient rehab is a great example that can be a standalone treatment or offer support after inpatient treatment. Below is more information about outpatient programs and how they can help prevent relapse.

What Is an Outpatient Rehab Program?

A closeup of two women and one man participating in an outpatient rehab programThe first thing that many people ask is, “What is an outpatient program?” As the name suggests, outpatient programs don’t require people to live in rehab centers. Unlike inpatient rehab, they return home each day after receiving treatment.

They also don’t visit the rehab center every day. In general, they visit two to five times a week. During their treatment, outpatient clients have access to the same programs as inpatient clients.

Are There Any Benefits to Choosing Outpatient Programs?

Many benefits come with choosing an outpatient program. One of the biggest is the freedom that it gives clients. Since they don’t live at the rehab center, they get to sleep in their own beds every night. This approach allows them to continue living a normal life while they get help.

On another positive note, outpatient rehab is typically less expensive than inpatient rehab. The main reason is that people don’t have to pay to live at the facility. Because of the lower cost, more insurance companies partially cover the expense of outpatient programs. In fact, some insurance companies won’t pay for anything other than outpatient care.

Are There Drawbacks to Choosing Outpatient Treatment?

Like any treatment option, there are some drawbacks to choosing outpatient treatment. Sometimes clients find that the freedom that outpatient rehab gives people is great. However, too much freedom too soon can lead to relapse. If you aren’t able to remain sober in an outpatient setting, we will assist in referrals and arranging step up to our PHP program, or an appropriate inpatient program.

Building a Support Group Outside of Rehab

Outpatient rehab is a great way for people to receive guidance as they adjust to life outside of rehab. Finding a support group is one of the first steps that they need to take after treatment. Before that, however, outpatient programs provide the support that they need.

During outpatient care, people still have access to therapy and staff support at the rehab facility. Having access to these services is the key to a successful transition. It also gives them access to professionals to talk to about the problems that they face as they reenter society.

Let Woodlands Recovery Centers Be Your Guiding Light Down the Road to Sobriety

At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we take recovery very seriously. Some of the other services that we offer include:

Woodlands Recovery Centers also emphasize healing past trauma. In many cases, traumatic events lead to drug addictions as people try to forget what happened. Avoiding the trauma can lead to relapse once they exit rehab. We make it a point to address the problem so that the healing process can start.

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