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When people look for rehab treatment, they can choose from a variety of programs. Some of the most important options include inpatient and outpatient treatment. While these programs have pros and cons, everyone who is new to treatment should start with inpatient rehab. Below is more information about why inpatient care is so important.

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What Is Inpatient Rehab?

First and foremost, it’s important to know what inpatient rehab is and why it’s so important to addiction treatment. In short, it includes programs in which individuals live at a rehab center. This differs greatly from outpatient treatment for which people return home at the end of the day.

In both cases, people have access to the same types of treatment and therapy. In an outpatient program, however, they only have access to these treatments when they’re at the facility.

Why Start With Inpatient Treatment?

The biggest reason to start with inpatient rehab is to stay at the rehab center. Individuals get to return home in outpatient treatment. However, that gives them too much freedom, which can result in relapse.

It’s important to first learn to control the addiction and recognize triggers. Only after learning a certain set of skills can they those beginning recovery enjoy the freedom that comes with outpatient treatment.

While living at the rehab center, clients stay in a controlled environment. They don’t have to worry about coming into contact with drugs or experiencing temptation. With outpatient programs, they can very easily fall back into their old habits.

For these reasons, people need to use inpatient and outpatient rehab as a progression system. They have to start with inpatient rehab to learn how to cope with addiction. From there, they can move on to outpatient rehab. This progression gives them a taste of what it’s like to reenter society without losing all support from the rehab center.

Inpatient treatment also helps people build a support system that can assist them once they complete rehab. After all, addiction is an ongoing battle. They always need people to talk to and trust in case they feel the need to use drugs again. Their support system can keep them on the path of sobriety.

Is There a Need for Outpatient Rehab at All?

Despite that fact that people need inpatient rehab first, outpatient rehab still has benefits. First of all, it’s far more affordable than inpatient treatment. Some insurance companies only cover the cost of outpatient care because it isn’t as expensive.

Second of all, outpatient rehab is crucial for people who finish inpatient programs. When they return to society, they face a bunch of new obstacles. The therapy that they receive during inpatient treatment can’t prepare them for everything that happens after rehab. With outpatient treatment, they can return to the rehab center and get answers or assistance with their problems.

Let Woodlands Recovery Centers Help You

If you need inpatient or outpatient treatment, Woodlands Recovery Centers is here to help. In fact, we offer a wide range of rehab services to fit the growing needs of our clients. We even provide unique treatment plans to fit everyone’s needs. Some different programs that we offer include:

Woodlands Recovery Centers offer many experiential therapy options as well, including art therapy, yoga therapy, and music therapy. All of these services help you manage stress levels so that you can focus completely on rehab.

Don’t try to handle addiction alone. See how inpatient rehab can help you overcome it. Contact Woodlands Recovery Centers today at (855) 752-3377 for more information about our drug addiction treatment programs.