At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we know how important it is to deal with traumatic events. Trauma counseling revisits the past events and helps the brain reprocess them in a healthy way. This approach sets the groundwork for an effective treatment program. Failure to deal with past events can result in relapse after receiving treatment.

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Trauma counseling revisits distressing incidents to help the brain process the events properly. Some therapists believe that dealing with the traumatic events is the only true way to start the healing process. At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we offer trauma counseling to all of our clients.


Types of Trauma Counseling

Trauma therapy actually includes any counseling method that helps people process and deal with past incidents. However, specific therapy programs take an in-depth approach to dealing with trauma. These programs offer true trauma counseling services.


Why Do People Have to Deal With Past Traumatic Events?

Some people spend their whole lives trying to deal with and process traumatic incidents. In fact, they might attempt to suppress the incidents so that they never have to deal with them. Unfortunately, they cause themselves more harm when they don’t get help.

For instance, they may develop mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression while they try to deal with trauma. Then, they might turn to drugs to cope with the symptoms that these disorders create.

Drugs and alcohol provide some relief for their symptoms. However, it’s only temporary, so they have to continue taking drugs to suppress the feelings. Eventually, they come to rely on the drugs to feel normal. Once that happens, it doesn’t take long for them to develop an addiction.


Get Relief for Your Addiction at Woodlands Recovery Centers

Woodlands Recovery Centers want to help you get over your addiction. We believe that the healing process starts with dealing with underlying issues that cause addiction in the first place. Some of the substance abuse treatment programs that we provide to deal with underlying issues include:


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