Many people stuck in the cycle of addiction actually fell into substance abuse because of an underlying mental illness. Depression is one such condition. If you need both addiction and depression treatment, you share your struggle with many others. In fact, one in three people with depression also suffers from addiction.

If you need both addiction and depression treatment, don’t let it overwhelm you. The good news is you know your needs and this makes getting help much easier. A quality rehab center provides the help you need for both conditions at once. In the Houston area, Woodlands Recovery provides that help, along with the hope you need for a fulfilling, stable and happy life in recovery.

Who decides you need both addiction and depression treatment?

woman standing by a tree needs depression treatmentYou can likely see some signs of depression in your life if you suffer the condition. However, when addiction takes hold, knowing whether your substance abuse causes these feelings of depression becomes unclear. Will your symptoms go away when you get sober? Or do you need specialized help for depression?

Drugs and alcohol frequently feed mental health symptoms like depression. These mental health problems also frequently lead to substance abuse. In fact, many people self-medicate their mental struggles through substance abuse and addiction. Self-medicating simply means you use alcohol or drugs to make some of your uncomfortable symptoms go away.

However, long-term self-medication doesn’t work. Soon you turn to these substances more and more, seeking the same relief you felt in your first uses. You develop a tolerance, quickly followed by addiction. Then you suffer two major problems, each requiring treatment.

Doctors and addiction specialists diagnose people with depression and addiction every day. Sometimes specialists diagnose you with both at the same time, as co-occurring conditions. This dual diagnosis helps you get the treatment you really need. That treatment takes place in a quality dual diagnosis treatment center.

What does dual diagnosis treatment include?

Addiction and depression treatment together includes the same basic elements as rehab for just one problem or the other. The key is getting treatment for both conditions at once. Otherwise, the untreated problem causes the one in recovery to relapse.

Your dual diagnosis treatment takes shape through an individualized plan. You’ll get that plan when you enter rehab for addiction at The Woodlands. Your addiction counselor, therapists, and other professionals get to know you and your specific needs. Your plan is not absolute, so as your needs change and grow the plan does, too.

Dual diagnosis rehab at The Woodlands includes:

Sometimes treating depression requires medication. Your treatment team works with you to find the medication that works best. At the same time, you go through therapies and treatments for your co-occurring disorders.

Individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and other approaches treat both conditions. In fact, your depression and addiction have similar root causes. Dual diagnosis treatment programs streamline your care for the individual conditions, giving you an organized approach to healing.

Do you need both addiction and depression treatment?

If you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol to fight depression, it’s time to seek help. Self-medicating depression never works well. In fact, doing so can plunge you deeper into the abyss of self-harm and destruction.

Depression causes recognizable symptoms. These include:

  • Sad and empty feelings
  • Hopelessness, irritability, anxiety or guilty feelings
  • Lost interest in favorite activities
  • Exhaustion, fatigue and concentration problems
  • Sleep problems, lost appetite, or overeating
  • Unexplained aches, pains, sick feelings or headaches
  • Engaging in substance abuse and other risky behaviors

If you recognize these signs and symptoms of depression with your addiction, you possibly need both addiction and depression treatment. Call The Woodlands Recovery Center at 888-752-3377. Get more information about rehab in the serene setting of The Woodlands and start getting the help you need.