Do you suffer from substance addiction as well as an emotional disorder like anxiety? If so, you know that putting an end to addictive behaviors can be a real challenge. If you’re serious about putting the abuse behind you, you need treatment that can target both of your conditions. Anxiety treatment that is included in your substance abuse recovery treatment can help you stop abusing and learn to live a sober and independent lifestyle.

Why Include Anxiety Treatment in Your Substance Abuse Recovery Plan?

woman benefitting from anxiety treatmentBy definition, anxiety is a condition that involves excessive feelings of unease, worry, and nervousness. Unlike fear–the body’s natural reaction to imminent danger–anxiety is a normal response to stress. Though it can be helpful in some circumstances, it is also a burden to live with.

Anyone who lives with anxiety, depression, or some other emotional condition knows the burden of psychological imbalances. It is not easy to overcome abusive tendencies, but even more so when anxiety is present. Anxiety makes it difficult for individuals to relax and focus on the task at hand. In fact, anxiety complicates most things, even the most mundane daily activities.

Contrary to popular belief, anxiety can occur due to a number of reasons. For some, genetics is responsible. In other cases, past traumatic events lead to feelings of unease that inevitably progress to an anxiety disorder. If past trauma has lead you to suffer from anxiety, consider finding a rehab facility that can treat both your physical and psychological conditions.

How Treatment Can Help You Overcome Anxiety and Addiction

To conquer your problem with substance abuse, you must also address the co-occurring disorders (in your case, anxiety) that plague you. Otherwise, you’re likely to return to abusing once rehab treatment finishes. The reason for this is that anxiety will intensify when you meet stressful circumstances, pushing you back into the cycle of abuse.

Anxiety treatment can help you learn to manage your symptoms using healthy and constructive methods. During treatment, you can gain coping skills for managing future stress and preventing relapse. These simple but effective tools can make a drastic change in your overall results.

Your anxiety treatment should involve therapy with a qualified and experienced psychologist. During therapy, you will have the opportunity to talk about any past traumas you’ve lived through. You can begin to work through these problems in a safe and private setting, away from the judgment and scrutiny of the public. By choosing anxiety treatment as part of your substance abuse treatment, you can dramatically increase your chances for a complete and lasting recovery.

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If you’re ready to fight anxiety and addiction, the professionals at Woodlands Recovery Centers near Houston, Texas, can help. We offer a wide array of programs and therapies designed to guide users away from substance abuse for good. During your time at our facility, we’ll arm you with powerful tools for managing your results, post-treatment.

Just a few of the addiction treatment programs and services we offer include:

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