Our Drug Detox Program is Coming Soon

It’s hard to know where to start to get help for drug addiction. Many people mistakenly think that drug rehab is the first step. However, before starting rehab, it’s important to complete drug detox. In fact, detox helps people build a solid foundation that supports their rehab efforts.

Understanding Addiction

To completely understand why drug detox is necessary, people have to understand addiction and what it does to the body. Rather than a lack of willpower or a lifestyle choice, it’s a mental disorder that robs people of choice. They don’t continue using drugs because they want to. They do it because their bodies need drugs to function.

Drugs change the chemical balance in the brain. Eventually, people become dependent on them. When they don’t have drugs, they start to experience withdrawal. Drug detox helps them break the cycle of dependence on drugs.

Drug Detox Timeline

man staring out window needs drug detoxUnfortunately, there’s no magic timeline for drug detox. Everyone experiences the process at different speeds. In addition, certain factors play a role in estimating people’s detox timelines.

The drugs that people take affect how long they experience withdrawal. Certain drugs take longer to detox than others. For example, opiate withdrawal can last between five and 10 days. However, cocaine withdrawal can last from a week to 10 weeks.

Keep in mind that people don’t experience the same severity of symptoms throughout the detox process. Withdrawal typically reaches a peak after a few days. During this period, people experience the most extreme symptoms. Afterward, the symptoms are less severe.

Another factor that affects the detox timeline is how long people take drugs. The longer that they use drugs, the longer that they experience withdrawal. For example, someone who only took drugs for months will get through withdrawal faster than someone who took drugs for years.

Finally, people have to take their biology into account. Experts say that genes can make individuals more likely to develop an addiction. Because of that, detox may be a longer and harder road. It commonly occurs in individuals who have a history of addiction in their families.

Receiving Detox and Rehab in the Same Location

A large majority of rehab centers don’t offer detox programs. In fact, people sometimes have to undergo detox at a separate facility before they can even set foot in rehab. Because of that, they have to transfer between establishments. Transferring from detox to rehab causes stress and is just another thing to worry about during drug recovery.

Thankfully, some rehab centers offer both detox and rehab in the same location. It takes the worry of transferring from detox to rehab out of the equation. Once people enroll in these rehab centers, they stay until they’re ready to reenter society.

Detox and rehab locations help people build strong bonds with staff and other residents too. They can only form these relationships when they experience the entire recovery journey together.

Visit Woodlands Recovery Centers

At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we help people throughout the entire addiction recovery process. We offer both drug detox and rehab services. Additionally, we create custom rehab experiences for each of our clients to ensure that we address their individual concerns. Some programs that we offer include:

At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Our residents can enjoy our outdoor grounds, including our fire pit and gazebo. We also have plenty of trees and a pond to create a serene setting.

Don’t start your drug-free journey alone. Find out what it takes to finally overcome addiction at Woodlands Recovery Centers. Reach out to learn more about drug addiction treatment by calling us at (855)752-3377 for more information.