individual taking part in recreational therapyHave you relapsed following an attempt at rehab in your local community? If so, you aren’t alone. Thousands of people each year resort back to substance abuse after trying to get sober at an addiction recovery center. Unfortunately, relapse is often a part of the recovery process. However, you can avoid this roller coaster of results by finding a rehab program that incorporates recreational therapy in its curriculum. Rehab that allows patients to interact with their peers in real life situations is frequently more beneficial than standard treatment.

What is Recreational Therapy?

Recreational therapy is the name given to a systematic treatment process that involves leisure and personal interest activities. These activities act as an intervention that addresses the specific needs of individuals who are dealing with some addiction or illness. It can be beneficial to one’s physical, emotional, and overall well-being during the recovery process.

Types of recreational therapy vary significantly from rehab to rehab. The therapies used during treatment often depend on the individuals’ unique interests. In most cases, it involves a focus on enhancing one’s motor, cognitive, and social skills. Other areas touched upon include building confidence, developing skills for coping with stress, and applying learned skills in real life situations.

Just a few examples of recreational therapies include:

  • Creative arts activities – like art, and craft therapy
  • Games and sports
  • Exercise therapies

More Qualities of the Best Treatment Centers

Recreational therapy can be a beneficial part of addiction treatment, but it isn’t the only factor to search for. One of the key elements to your care will be personalized treatment that can be altered to suit your unique recovery needs. Individualized treatment has been shown to produce real and lasting results for people of all ages, race, and gender.

One more thing to consider when searching for rehab is its use of addiction therapy services. For many people, substance abuse is a method for escaping reality or dealing with past traumas. If you’ve been using drugs or alcohol as a coping tool, therapy can help you work through your problems. If you don’t face and deal with your painful memories head on, you’re likely to return to abusive behaviors once treatment ends.

Find the Comprehensive Addiction Treatment You Need Near Houston, Texas

If you’re interested in rehab that differs from traditional treatment, enroll at Woodlands Recovery Centers near Houston, Texas. We’ll integrate recreational types of therapy into your treatment plan to appeal to your interests. By the time you complete one of our recovery programs, you should feel capable of taking on any of life’s future challenges.

Just a few of the programs and therapies offered at Woodlands Recovery Centers near Houston, Texas, include:

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dealing with addiction or what circumstances brought you to this point. Help is available if you’re ready to accept it.

Start Treatment Today at Woodlands Recovery Centers

Whether you’re trying rehab for the first or tenth time, quality treatment can help you achieve true sobriety. If you’re ready to end abusive behaviors and adopt a healthier lifestyle, take this first step towards real change. Contact the professionals at Woodland Recovery Centers near Houston, Texas, to learn more about recreational therapy. Call us at 855-752-3377 and let us help you find the right recovery program for your specific needs.