When you enter drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you go through a variety of therapies. These therapies combine to give you the best possible chance of strong, lasting recovery. Many types of therapy exist. However, few provide the great results in rehab that individual therapy and group therapy do.

A man tries not to cry during his individual therapy session with a female therapistIndividual counseling includes several approaches. You hear this therapy called counseling, talk therapy, behavioral therapy, and psychotherapy, as well as specific names like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Although many types of individual therapy exist, one thing holds true of all of these types. That is, you go through individual counseling with a licensed therapist in a private, trusting, and safe setting.

You need counseling for addiction recovery. For most people, this therapy meets essential needs for understanding your drug problem and building relapse prevention skills. After all, without understanding why you used drugs and how to keep from using them again, you likely will not succeed in recovery. This therapy also treats any co-occurring mental conditions you suffer along with your addiction, such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

Why You Need Individual Therapy in Rehab

You need individual therapy in rehab because you risk having a relapse. It is that simple. Many hurdles exist to your recovery. Without the right counseling, you will not see these hurdles coming, and they will take you back to drugs or alcohol. The hurdles include stress, family problems, mental illness, your triggers and temptations, friends who used with you, and other risks for relapse.

These issues do not go away on their own. Many, like sudden life stress, never go away. You can bank on experiencing a few big life problems at some point in your future, right? So how can you handle these daily and once-in-a-lifetime issues without going back to drugs or alcohol?

For these problems and the urges to use they create, you need individual therapy. Moreover, your one-on-one time with a therapist helps you stop your cravings and learn to cope with life situations without using drugs or alcohol.

Is Individual Counseling Better Than Group Therapy?

There are many types of therapy in rehab. Each method has its purpose, place, and ideal participants. Individual and group therapies exist in almost every rehab in the country, if not all. These two types of therapy provide essential help for your drug problem. They also help you heal and learn from your addiction for long-term recovery.

Individual and group therapies meet different needs in rehab. One rarely exists without the other. While most people believe group therapy provides the most benefit for people seeking recovery, you need the personal focus of individual counseling, too.

Without some one-on-one time with a therapist, you do not learn about your issues that led you to addiction. You also do not know how to manage those issues in the future.

At the same time, in group therapy, you learn a great deal about your addiction, relationships, and coping with relapse risks. You learn from peers, just as they learn from you. You practice building new relationships and keeping those strong. None of these happen the same way in individual therapy.

Family Therapy

Just like you need therapy alone and with peers, you also need family therapy. Your life was not the only one affected by your addiction. For most people, this means their addiction affected the people they love most for years. You need your family relationships or close friendships for a successful recovery. Family therapy heals those relationships while giving family members some healing of their own.

Benefits of family therapy include:

  • Ending family enabling and codependency
  • Higher likelihood you stay with your treatment
  • Lower relapse rates
  • Increased family happiness
  • Improved individual functioning
  • Individual healing

Therapies You Need for Recovery in Southeast Texas

In Southeast Texas, Woodlands Recovery Centers provides the therapies and other methods you need for lasting addiction recovery. Whether you seek men’s rehab or womens rehab programs, Woodlands Recovery Centers meets your needs.

Programs of Woodlands Recovery Centers include:

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