A qualified rehab facility understands that each client is unique. To that end, addiction treatment centers often personalize treatment to suit the individual instead of taking a blanket approach. Traditional treatment models are effective, and they can be used in conjunction with newer types of therapy. Holistic therapy is one such option. By taking an integrated approach to rehab, medical professionals can offer clients the best chance of a successful recovery.

How Addiction Impacts You

woman does holistic therapy in the woodsWhile many people are aware of the physical effects of drug and alcohol abuse, they might not give as much thought to the emotional and mental effects. Make no mistake — addiction negatively impacts people on every level, from the body to the mind.

Depression, paranoia, and anxiety commonly plague substance abusers. This can lead to the need for dual diagnosis treatment if someone develops a mental health disorder along with the addiction. In some cases, the mental health issue was there first, and people attempt to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

Not only does addiction rob you of your physical health, it can negatively impact your mental health as well.

The Holistic Therapy Approach in Rehab

The more addiction specialists learn about substance use disorder, the more they understand the importance of whole-body health. This is why holistic therapy is becoming more popular. To only treat one facet of a person’s health is to neglect other parts, which are just as vital.

When people only receive treatment for one issue in rehab, they have a higher likelihood of relapse since the other issues continue to manifest. Qualified professionals will offer a full spectrum of treatment in order to address all aspects of someone’s health.

In rehab, holistic therapy can take various forms. The main idea is fostering a stronger connection between mind and body.

Many of the activities you’ll encounter will help you to focus on your breathing or movement, as in yoga or energy work. Being outdoors and enjoying nature is another way to take part in holistic treatment, so you may hike or go canoeing. Some facilities offer art and music therapy, allowing you to find your creative voice.

Nutritional therapy may also be part of a holistic approach because many people battling addiction neglect a proper diet. During treatment, you’ll learn healthy eating habits to nourish your body and make it stronger. Once you realize how good you can feel overall, you’ll be more motivated to stay healthy.

One of the best parts about holistic treatment is that you can continue to practice the activities after completing rehab. Whether it’s Pilates, meditation, or massage, you’ll have better ways to cope with stress and negative feelings.

Finding Hope in Woodlands Recovery Centers

Are you ready to take the important step toward sobriety? Let Woodlands Recovery Centers help you. We’re an addiction rehab center located on 20 spacious acres near Woodlands, Texas.

Employing a client-first mentality, we provide a serene, tranquil environment where men and women can focus on recovering from addiction. Our beautiful, natural setting includes an inviting gazebo and fire pit, where clients can relax.

The addiction treatment programs we offer include:

To help clients with co-occurring disorders, we offer dual diagnosis treatment. Our experienced professionals specialize in trauma therapy as well.

Are you or a loved one ready to take an important step toward recovery? Call us today at 855-752-3377. Combining traditional treatment models with holistic therapy, we provide clients the best chance of success.