Finding the right treatment for today’s youth is a process that requires careful review, and our primary goal is to support each teen by guiding them towards molding their recovery into a new daily lifestyle, within a safe environment. At Woodlands Recovery Centers our dream is to show anyone and everyone struggling with addiction, no matter their age, that there is hope.


What Is an Adolescent Support Program?

Woodlands Recovery Centers provides Adolescent Support through a variety of services. We give youth (ages 13-17) the opportunity to receive the education needed to find and maintain recovery.


Peer Support and Proper Coping Skills

Our Adolescent Outpatient Services include Individual and group sessions. These adolescent support sessions include providing Peer Support, as well as teaching the teens a series of coping skills to help them successfully find personalized ways to improve their quality of life. Group and Individual sessions explore topics such as communication skills, relapse prevention, mindfulness practices, spirituality, life skills, and many other subjects that are critical to recovery.


Building a Support Group

Adolescent Outpatient Support is a great way for young people to receive guidance to help them navigate a healthy lifestyle.


Let Woodlands Recovery Centers Be Your Guiding Light Down the Road to Sobriety

At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we take recovery very seriously. Some of the other services that we offer include:

Woodlands Recovery Centers also emphasize healing past trauma. In many cases, traumatic events lead to drug addictions as people try to forget what happened. Avoiding the trauma can lead to relapse once they exit rehab. We make it a point to address the problem so that the healing process can start.

Find out if outpatient rehab is right for you. Reach out to our friendly staff today to start down the road to sobriety. Contact us at 855-752-3377 for more information.