Different treatment methods are useful for helping people overcome addiction. While all of them are important, few are as important as addiction therapy services. At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we know the importance of therapy. That’s why we offer a wide range of options.

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Why Do People Need Addiction Therapy Services?

In short, addiction therapy services help people determine the root cause of their addiction. Finding the underlying cause is what helps them prevent relapse after treatment. Without this step, it’s impossible for them to deal with that issue.

In many cases, addiction happens because of another mental disorder. For example, people with obsessive compulsive disorder or borderline personality disorder may suffer from addiction too. The main reason why they turn to drugs is to relieve the symptoms of the mental disorder. The condition may cause many problems in their daily lives.

They should seek expert help for mental conditions. Instead, they often self-medicate with drugs such as alcohol. Self-medicating doesn’t deal with the root issue. Instead, they have to keep taking the drugs to maintain relief.


Types of Therapy for Addiction

There’s a long list of therapies that Woodlands Recovery Centers use to treat addiction. However, the three most common types are individual, group and family therapy. The topics that therapists cover in these three types of therapy depend on each client’s needs.


Individual therapy

A therapist leads individual therapy sessions to dig deep. Typically, though, the therapist must build trust with the client first. Once he or she feels comfortable sharing his or her problems, group therapy is the next step.


Group therapy

In group therapy, individuals with similar addictions or backgrounds share their experiences. It often helps them to hear that others have the same problems that they do. Group therapy also helps them create a strong support system that’s useful even after rehab.


Family Therapy

It’s crucial to include family therapy in our clients’ addiction treatment programs. Family therapy is so important because it teaches family members about addiction. Some family members mistakenly believe that addiction is a choice. However, it’s a mental disorder that robs people of their ability to choose.

At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we also find that family therapy reopens lines of communication between family members. Addiction often breaks down communication, so it’s hard for people with the disease to ask for help. It’s also hard for other family members to recognize that these individuals need help.


Let Woodlands Recovery Centers Help You Take Your Life Back

At Woodlands Recovery Centers, we want to help you overcome addiction quickly and safely. We can provide a number of therapy methods. However, we offer other programs too, including:


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